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  1. कोई बस टाइम पर नही है सब अपनी मर्जी से चलते है कृपा कर आप हमारी प्रॉब्लम का कुछ करे ।

    1. 1 hr waiting after every bus departure carrying 16 people. Very problematic for all people office timing from kaushik enclave petrol pump bust stop who are daily waiting in long ques for many hours in morning.

    1. Burari Crossing se Nathupura ke ruts pr btc stands ka nam hai pr pure ruts pr public ko sitting please nhi hai,

  2. The service of DTC bus is not at all satisfying
    The above mentioned pattern of sevice is not followed and the fulfillment of needs is not upto the mark ….the actual pattern of timings followed is way deviated from what is mentioned and due to this the common people have to bear inconveniences

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